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Kill Bill Vol.I (2003) dir. Quentin Tarantino

heart-hum bird
Q: athena, jupiter, hades

Athena : would you consider yourself an artist
—-by definition an artist is a person whose creative works shows sensitivity and imagination. To be an artist is the goal. To say that I am an artist is hard.

Hades : do you have a bad reputation?
—-I think I do now, I’ve seen to have lost a lot of my close peers, and this might be me becoming more self conscious than I was before but I can feel that they aren’t speaking too fondly of me now.

Jupiter: would people say that you are fairly approachable or intimidating when they first meet you? ( or something I forget what the question was exactly )
—-people tell me I’m approachable, but that’s because meeting new people is easy, but after you know everything about them, there isn’t much to discuss after that. That doesn’t answer your question idk


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